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god of war 5 main Villains, Story, and Trailer Details

God of war 5

So you want more news for God of War 5, right? Well, there was a lot of talk about the next entry of Sony Santa Monica in the God of War series. Before the release of God of War PS4, it was confirmed that the new God of War game was the first of the trilogy being developed.

God of War is one of Sony's biggest collections. Franchising began several decades ago with PlayStation 2 and last year released its latest album in the revised form of God of PS4.

From the camera angle to the story, everything has been changed and redesigned. Kratos retreated from Greek roots and entered Norse mythology. Yes, he has, because thanks to the god of war not all gods exist anymore.

"God of War" franchise Sony offers single player games for direct service costs. And while Sony is also trying to develop a direct action game, single player gameplay will remain the focus of the company.

The next God of War game will be awesome as the last entry into the series.

Release Date of God of War 5, Historical Details, DLC, Norse Mythology, Trailers, and others

Sony Santa Monica is currently developing the next God of War game. This game will probably not be released on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. God of War 5 is definitely the next generation game that is expected to be released on the PlayStation 5 and possibly on the PlayStation 5 Pro when Sony supports the improvement of the middle generation console.

While the title appeared on PS5, director Cory Barlogok was not happy to develop the next generation of war games. He said working with the next generation consoles needed a lot of work and needed time to repair machines for the new platform.

But Sony will urge Sony Santa Monica to release games on the PS5, which means it may take longer than some people expected to end the game.

God of War 5 details the story and the possibility of the main villain

Note: Gods of War will be released for PS4 in 2018. If you haven't played the game, read the Article Release section for more information about God of War PS5.

Kratos will continue his journey with Atreus, where he stops at PS4 God of War. He will continue to explore the territory of Norway to find more gods to kill. But this time, unlike the previous game, he did not seek resistance. He only tried to survive and protect his son, and the Nordic gods wanted to fight him.

But to be honest, Kratos gave them many reasons to come to him at that time. Kratos killed two of Tor's sons who blocked his path. At the end of the god of war, we see that Atreus got a vision of the future in which Thor himself reached the door to avenge his son.

Not to mention Freya, Baldur's mother was not happy when Kratos killed his favorite son. This also gave Odin, Baldur's father, an excuse to follow Kratos and Atreus.

However, this was not the only reason why Thor and Odin wanted to overthrow Kratos and his son Atreus. On the way, his father and son accidentally caused Ragnarok. There is a theory that Atreus's mother, a giant, knew what would happen and predicted the future before his death. He deliberately planned to send his husband and son to the highest peak in the kingdom, knowing that the two would accidentally trigger Ragnarok, the end of time for the nine kingdoms.

The main villains in this game are Thor, Odin and Freya. There will be more enemies along the way, but we can't know until the game really comes out, which brings us to the question when will it come out?

God of war 5

Release date of God of War 5, Trailer and Announcement

God of War will not be announced this year at E3 2019, but we can be sure it will be on E3 2020 or the 2020 PlayStation Experience as a PlayStation 5 game.

The PlayStation 5 is expected to be stigmatized in the 2019 PlayStation Experience or even announced correctly. Sony jumped over E3 2019, which means a lot of revival and hope for the PSX 2019. \ T

The release date of God of War starts in mid-2021, after the concert was announced and announced in 2020. and a disclosure plan.

Update: God of War 5 from
Teased Sony Santa Monica was officially disrupted

God of War 5 was officially
Teased by the Sony Santa Monica's newest God of War PS4 theme. Sony Santa Monica released the PS4 theme and was discovered by Eagle with Reddit Red. As stated above, come "Ragnarok".

The theme appeared on the first anniversary of the god of war. The background motif shows our ship "King of War" and his son Atreus on board. Small northern ruins carved on the side of the ship. After you find a part of the image, you can see that the marker is translated into "Ragnarok Comes".

god of war 5

Kratos and Atreus released Ragnarok, the end of Scandinavian mythology. The next game of the God War revolves around the beginning of the end and when the end of the War God PS4 is an indication, Thor is a big crime in God of War.

The changed GOW series is a trilogy, so the story doesn't end with God of War 5. After Thor is defeated, Kratos will probably move to Odin. The strongest Norwegian gods are mentioned several times in the God of War PS4.

God of War 6 will be the last entry in the trilogy. Whether the story of Kratos continues from here remains to be seen.

Raise Kratos - for the god of war

If you can save two hours of your time, Sony Santa Monica offers detailed documentation on how to reboot God of War. Raising Kratos is a feature film that follows the development of five years challenging the God of War PS4.

Free to watch movies that have aired on YouTube. Worth seeing when you play games and look for God of War 5 for the next generation PlayStation.

Kratos's five-year record, Hercules's attempt to reconsider one of the greatest stories in the game, the God of War. Facing the uncertain future of Santa Monica Studio takes huge risks by fundamentally changing their favorite franchise and restoring its place in the history of video games. More than "making" this cinematic journey a second chance, rooted in the family, victims, struggles, and doubts directed by director Cory Barlog, and those who pursue perfection in art and story. Experience tremendous damage, unexpected results, and full radiation stress in this true salvation story.

This film gives us important insights about development battles and team losses to complete the game.

10 million sales

God of War 4 scored 10 million of PS4's total revenue. This game proved to be a huge success for Sony and Sony Santa Monica. Sony Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan announced that "God of War" had joined 10 million exclusive clubs. Only two exclusive PS4 games have exceeded that number before God of War - Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us - were remade.

God of War 4, sold as hot chips, must further strengthen Sony's confidence in restarting God of War. It would make more sense now to put more resources into God of War 5.

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