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"Games like God of War" 2019

god of war

    Game is like God of War?

I grew up with the "God of War" series. While Kratos, an anti-hero, always loved the gods suicide, this time he made his little son on the way. I doubt how this link will work and integrate into the game. A few hours later, I realized that this was Santa Monica Studio's best work at that time. The relationship Kratos had with his son began like a normal relationship, but as the game progressed and became more complex, their connections became more complex. Needless to say, Kratos has become a father here, success, that is,

This new iteration has added much-needed touch to a tired and proven formula, while maintaining the good parts of the previous game. God of War always plays with heavy battles and this game is no different. They will bring many Scandinavian mythical creatures to hunt on the road.

Besides gameplay, this is undoubtedly a visual work. Together with Red Dead Redemption 2 this is one of the most handsome console games.

What about the god of war? Here are some God of War games that will give you more brutality and bleeding.

Games like God of War

1. Devil May Cry (reboot)
2. Nioh
3. Monster Hunter: World
4. Dark Souls Series
5. Bloodborne
6. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

1. Devil May Cry (Reboot)

This controversial repetition of ninja theory from your favorite franchise provides the action and style needed. The new look of this game can disturb old fans of this series, but basically this is the same game that is surrounded by a striking display. Dante, the protagonist, is the same person who exudes self-confidence and pride with every desperate step. Combination execution has eye talent, even with all bloodshed and violence.

With all the impressive style and visual effects, this saving grace is a deeper combat mechanic than previous replays by DMC. In many moments you have access to three different weapons at the touch of a button. This is a fast and easy hacking and hacking experience. Each weapon has different sensations and effects when you remove it from the enemy. Some of them are designed for slow and intense battles, while others are designed to satisfy you instantly by splitting enemies into odd, satisfying pieces.

Behind all of your new variations and luxuries, there are deep and multi-layered games that reward you for learning the ropes.


2.  Nioh

Even though Nio is clearly inspired by dark souls, his cousin is full of action and far away, he brings a little peace of mind to a hell of a world where everything wants to kill you. Thanks to well-prepared lessons you never feel that the game will punish you inappropriately. Most deaths, if not all, will be caused by your impatience to learn the method.

Do not be fooled; This is a barrierless game that does not require the skills of hackers and bats, but is more than happy to see you die long if you are cheerful.

Although death is a widespread event, it is not so disappointing, partly because its beautiful world is full of enemies. If there is, this is a motivation for you to develop and experience everything the game can offer. Leave the ego in the doorway and learn to accept your destiny. However, death is relaxed.

Monster Hunter

3. Monster Hunter: World

I am a big fan of the Monster Hunter series. At first, I was doubtful when they announced that they would finally arrive at the main console and computer. Of course I was wrong in my skepticism. Capcom has beaten himself with this brilliant masterpiece. They have created a large RPG toy that gives you the freedom to become your own destiny machine. You can choose the method according to your taste.

At first glance, it looks like a game that only children enjoy. However, after playing the first few hours, you know how much work has been put into this game. From the evolution of the hero to the armory, everything is clear. One of the best things I like in this game is that there are never two weapons that feel like that.

For example, if you use a lighter weapon, you can move quickly and hit your enemy faster. The same does not apply to large weapons. They feel difficult to carry and use. You must use various combinations of weapons and strategies to hunt down various monsters scattered in this open world.

Continue to increase your weaponry and your ability to defeat the next big thing. If you like to fight hard games like God of War, that's impossible.

Dark Souls Series

4. Dark Souls Series

The Dark Souls series is the hardest game in this margin list. Known for its steep curves and learning difficulties, this series is very popular among people who like good donkeys. Do you think you have a good RPG game? Be humble by the Dark Souls series and prove that you are wrong.

Most of you die for your own mistakes and the lack of a clear strategy. Turn off the Hulk mode, take time to appreciate and respect your mechanics, learn the dynamics and style of fighting with your enemies and see how easy the fight is (very easy). Only when you feel a little safe, the game shows your amazing ability to beat you one or two steps, just to show who the real boss is. You will die more often than you can.

However, if you finally defeat the enemy while barely maintaining your life, you will continue to return to that feeling. Combat mechanics are rather difficult to understand here. Of course, sometimes it can be disappointing, but once you get used to it, you become addicted. It will be something like a drug that must work. After you get past the Soul series, why not try some similar games?

The only downside is that other games feel easier than they should after going through this series.


5. Bloodborne

Bloodborne was developed by FromSoftware and released by Sony Computer Entertainment as the exclusive PS4. This brings you to Yharnam, a city that suffers from a mysterious disease that has infected almost everyone. When you search for medicine, you fight monsters and infected people to find secrets that revolve around the city.

The city of Yharnam is full of secret and alternative roads. They will spend most of their time fighting monsters and exploring every corner of the city to find alternative routes. The city is full of secrets and something you have to do will keep you busy for a long time.

If you have ever played soul, you know what to expect here. The game mechanism is easier to access here. In the Dark Souls series, enemies defeat a drop of soul and help you make progress in the story. In Bloodborne, collect something that calls you Echoes and help you buy healing herbs and buy new weapons.

Again, this is a game where you cannot be dirty. You must be accurate with your attack and hope your opponent moves in advance. If you don't have a fast reflex, the protector is uncomfortable. In this game you have to know the environment and the type of opponent you are facing. They just can't keep waving their weapons and hope they remain intact. Patience and strategy are the only way.

Unfortunately, this is only for PS4 users. If you don't have it, you're out of luck.

6. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Developed by ninja theory, this is a game made by a handful of people. This is one of the most underrated games that many people don't know. Its surface looks like a vicious monster killing game. But once you are involved, you will find that more than that.

This is about dealing with anxiety, psychosis, depression, and delusion simultaneously. Because your character deals with all this, you only see how he views the world. Will you believe what he saw and said? Even though this game isn't played as a horror game, it shakes me to the core and makes me more uncomfortable than before. It's hard to see a world that is collapsing from the perception of the main character.

The gameplay is not much different from puzzles like Uncharted or Tomb Raider. In this game, you must complete the puzzle to get to the next zone. If you've played games like that before, you know what to expect here.

Oh, don't die often because the saved file will be deleted and you will start from the beginning. Did I mention that this game does not have a HUD? This is the first thing that attacks you as soon as you start the game. Nothing can help you progress in the game, except for disturbing voices that echo in your character's head. It's good, is not it?

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