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launches a big battle royale as an exclusive snap game

battle royale

Zynga, a casino game developer, which always brings Facebook's platform to popularity and prosperity, now focuses on Snap Growth.

Today, game companies are launching their new royal battle, Tiny Royale, exclusively on the Snap Games game platform.

The multiplayer shooting game, originally announced as part of a large presentation of snap games in April, might have been intentional to bring the popular Tiny Royale format from the game, make Fortnite and BattleUnfo from Player Unknown success for the Snap platform.

In the game, players can choose personalized characters and join friends, or fight for two minutes to collect loot and go to victory.

Up to 30 players can fight up to four at the same time. The gameplay is the same as in other wing games, whose size is reduced as long as there is only one player or one team left.

battle royale

"We are pleased to be one of the first companies to start the experience playing games on Snapchat," said Bernard Kim, President Publishing at Zynga. "Game developers rarely have the opportunity to create new experiences on new platforms, so our team is excited to mix the royal battle genre into a dynamic snap game."

Snap Games is based on the PlayCanvas slot machine and offers a choice of third party titles. Players can access Tiny Royale through the Snapchat message feature and use the text and voice features throughout the game. Then in the summer, Zynga will offer a ranking game called Tiny Royale Leagues, where riders will be divided into groups consisting of 100 players on 20 levels. Players can struggle to rise to the rank of the series that wins trophies and prizes, depending on performance.

Snap launched six titles announced in April, including Tiny Royale and:

At the Bitmoji party, you can play in a series of fast and crazy minigames like you.

Snake Squad by Closure, you and your team work together to be the last!

C.A.T.S. Drift Race by ZeptoLab, you will walk along the road and pass friends to win!

Zombie Rescue Team by PikPok, your team will save survivors in a zombie-filled city.

Alphabear Hustle by Spry Fox helps you find words quickly! - to build your village.

"Snap Games is about exploring new ways for friends to play together, and Tiny Royale ™ is a perfect example," said Will U, head of Snaps Snap Games. "We take the opportunity to have world leaders in mobile games like Zynga for our platform and can't wait to see what our community thinks about this new type of interconnection."
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