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'Ares' god of war Fact and full information


Ares' god of war



  • Fallen God 
  • First God of War
  • Prince of the Gods






  • Gaia (great-grandmother) †

  • Ouranos (great-grandfather)†

  • Cronos (grandfather) †

  • Rhea (grandmother)

  • Oceanus (great-uncle)†

  • Hyperion (great-uncle)†

  • Aegaeon (great-uncle)†

  • Gyges (great-uncle)†

  • Cottus (great-uncle)

  • Aphrodite (sister-in-law/lover)

  • Alecto (great-aunt/lover)†

  • Megaera (great-aunt)†

  • Tisiphone (great-aunt)†

  • Hades (uncle) †

  • Poseidon (uncle) †

  • Demeter (aunt)

  • Zeus (father) †

  • Hera (mother) †

  • Hephaestus (brother) †

  • Kratos (half-brother)

  • Deimos (half-brother) †

  • Hercules (half-brother) †

  • Athena (half-sister) †

  • Hermes (half-brother) †

  • Apollo (half-brother)

  • Artemis (half-sister)

  • Persephone (half-sister) †

  • Peirithous (half-brother)†

  • Pollux (half-brother)†

  • Perseus (half-brother) †

  • Theseus (cousin) †

  • Triton (cousin)

  • Pegasus (cousin)†

  • Minos (half-brother) †

  • Orkos (son) †

  • Lysandra (half-sister in law) †

  • Calliope (half-niece) †

  • Faye (half-sister in law) †

  • Atreus (half-nephew)






       VOICED BY

Steven Blum (God of Warand God of War: Ascension
Fred Tatasciore (God of War III)



  1. God of War: Ascension 
  2. God of War 
  3. God of War: Ghost of Sparta 
  4. God of War II 
  5. God of War III (Voice & corpse)
  6. God of War (2018)(mentioned)


I have learned many ways to kill humans, Kratos. Burned meat, broken bones. But to break the human spirit, you really have to destroy it.                           


Ares is the original Olympic war god and the main opponent of the game God of War and the cause behind the events of the god of war: Ascension.
Manipulate Kratos to kill his family and indirectly be responsible for his transformation in the spirit of Sparta, and initiate it on the road which will eventually lead to the destruction of Olympus in his hand. He is the son of Zeus and Hera. Ares is Zeus's eldest son and is often referred to as the hated Olympus god, even before he was killed by Kratos.

Greek Mythology

Ares was the god of war, the son of Zeus and Hera and one of the most famous and powerful Olympus gods. He was born after the Great War of the Gods and Titans and served his father faithfully for years. He is also a rival to Athena, his younger sister, because both are gods, one from war and the other from wisdom, and he wants the others to retire. His Roman colleague is Mars. Mars was held to a much greater level because he was only Kronos. Macaw ion form, "curse, destruction".

Alliance with Fourier

Ares came to want all of Olympus, especially on the throne of Zeus, so he faced Furies and convinced them to take a rash approach. After learning about Mark Krieger's prophecy, which was destined to destroy Olympus and kill Zeus, Ares contained a child with Alecto hoping that his son would be marked to overthrow Zeus and claim the throne. Unfortunately, Orko's son from Ares did not meet the standards and refused. Hairy, but see the potential in Orko and make it a protector.

Get to know Kratos

Two gods of Olympus, Ares and Athena, invaded the city of Sparta to capture a child named Deimos, who would become a mortal man who would destroy Olympus in the marked prophecy of the soldier. After Ares conquered the boy, Deathos's brother Kratos confronted Ares to save his brother. Apart from his efforts, Ares hit Kratos's face, causing a scar to bleed in his right eye. Ares will kill Kratos, but Athena assures Ares to leave. Then Ares began with Deimos and Athina quickly apologized to Kratos. Ares then killed Deimos, where he was tortured for years by Thanatos, the god of death. Ares did not know much that the boy he valued would be the same person who initially served him. Then he will leave him in adulthood after his family is killed by his own hands because of the parade.

Promise of the gods

Years later, the gods held contests and chose various humans as their champions to conquer Ambrosia. In the game the gods of Ares were seen in the comics and chose Kratos as the champion. He was sure that nothing would hinder his ambition for Ambrosia. After a tiring journey, Kratos conquered Ambrosia and made Ares the winner of the deity territory.



Kratos and his Spartan forces could not compete with the ruthless barbarian tribes of the East. Kratos forces lost in battle, overwhelmed and oppressed. Kratos, who was to be killed by Alrik, the savage king, swore to Ares, the god of war, in return for the victory. After seeing Kratos as a potential fighter who had to eliminate Olympos, Ares accepted, forcibly destroyed the barbarians and gave Kratos the bar of chaos as a sign of his obedience.

To ensure that the Spartans have become perfect and committed soldiers to his will, Ares and Furies have developed three blood tests for Kratos. The first one was finished: enemy bloodshed. The second, which shed the blood of innocent people, easily overcame Kratos's growing bloodshed when he ended his countless lives with his Spartan counterparts and conquered many Greek countries. The last ritual shed the blood of a loved one. Ares told Kratos to attack a village that was built to honor and worship Athens. Spartan soldiers relentlessly killed all the people who lived in the village and burned their houses to the ground. Kratos reaches a strange temple and is warned by the city oracle not to go to the wall. Kratos ignored the old woman and killed everything on the temple wall, including his wife Lisandra and her daughter Calliope. Ares appears before Kratos's bleeding hand and tells him that his family must be removed so that no one can stop him.

Kratos's ashes of relatives were gathered from Dorforakel, who was placed on his skin as a reminder of the monster who had continued to be himself: the ghost of Sparta. Angered by Ares's fraud, Kratos declares his revenge for the god of war, who once saved his life.

After Kratos left Ares, the god of war found out about Orkos from the injustices brought by his parents to Kratos and turned against his father and mother. Orcos asks for Oracle's advice, Alettia, who reveals Ares's message to delete Olympos. When Orkos and Alethea want to warn Zeus, Ares finds their experience and sends the Furies to them. Orcosis fled, and Alettia stopped and stood on the destroyed statue of Apollo. Then Fury cruelly pushed Kratos to force him to return to Ares's office to realize his plan.

During Kratos's victory over Fury, it was revealed that Ares wanted Kratos to return to him; The plan was destroyed when Kratos killed the anger and mercifully killed Orkos, who had taken an oath in Kratos and thus interfered with his relationship. Kratos managed to escape for 10 years and served Olympus in hopes of escaping and forgiving his sins.

Fight with Kratos

Jealousy came to Athens through Ares, and as a result of this jealousy, Ares surrounded Athens. Because Zeus had banned the gods from fighting with each other, Athens could not enter to protect the city. Instead, Athena sought the help of Kratos, who had served the gods faithfully for ten years. Kratos is ordered to find Pandora's box to kill Ares. When Ares drenched Athens cruelly, he suddenly sensed that Kratos had taken the box. Despite being impressed, Ares takes the broken pillar and throws it into the desert that flies to Pandora's temple, slams Kratos's chest, slams it against the wall and kills him. Harris from Ares took the box and brought it to him. However, Kratos was able to escape from hell with a mysterious Grave Digger.

Ares challenges Zeus and threatens to open the box and use it against Olympus. It seems like everything is gone, while Ares looks back and sees Kratos returning behind him. Then he was ridiculed by Zeus and said he had sent a broken human to defeat the god of war. Kratos took the box from Ares's hand with the strength provided by Zeus and opened it. The power of the gods is released and Kratos feels the flow of magic into him, which makes him a giant (although Ares still feels higher than him). Kratos's strength matches Ares and starts the highest power struggle.

Ares argues that Kratos is still mortal and weak as on the day he asked him to save his life. Kratos remembers that he is not the same person that Ares found that day - the monster Ares created has returned to kill him. Ares stated that Kratos did not know what the real monster was. Ares drops a big nail from his back and is ready to kill Kratos forever.

Kratos won supremacy during the battle, but Ares reached for illusion when his family was attacked by his own forces (a defect that killed his wife and child) and said that there was a more efficient way to kill. anyone, not just physical damage. Although Kratos had created it to kill all the mocking branches of Ares, the Blade of Chaos erupted from their hands, killing them with a picture of the family. They returned to the real world where Kratos was beaten emotionally and Ares boasted that Kratos must be strong and ready to kill him with his sword.

Death of Ares


Kratos, however, sees the sword gods (sent by Athena), escapes Ares's attack, lifts the sword and wins with him in battle. Ares asks for his life, remembers Kratos for the day that saved his life, and only tries to make him a great warrior. Ironically, Kratos denied that Ares had "succeeded" before stabbing him through his chest and killing him. The god of war fell into the Aegean Sea and was no longer in the hands of the dead he mastered many years ago. Before his last breath, Ares let out a heavy death cry that blew blood from his chest and caused a strong explosion. But Kratos, who killed Ares, who led him to kill his family, asked Athena to eliminate his past nightmare. Athena said that even though she was forgiven of their sins, the gods and no humans could erase her memory of the murder of her family. Kratos realizes that his nightmares about his past sins will never leave him and try to kill suicide. Athena saved Kratos and said that the gods did not let him do a good job for them to die with their own hands. Then Athena said that Ares's tactics and methods were brutal and while Olimpia lamented the way the destruction of his brother Ares had to be stopped. However, with the death of Ares, Olymp had a free place for the new god of war: Kratos. Then Kratos climbed Olympus and received the crown, throne and title as the new god of war, causing the peace of Ares's death to be interrupted and whenever there was war, good or bad, permission would be obtained from Kratos to New; strong; and the god of eternal war.

After the success of Kratos's victory and Ares's murder and being a new war god, Spartan citizens were rejected by Ares and welcomed Kratos ready (with the exception of some loyal followers of Ares) and also erased all images of Ares and replaced him with the people of Kratos. But some faithful students of Ares try to refresh the war god who falls with the power of ambrosia (a power that can even resurrect God), but destroys the island of Kratos Gidj, ambrosia to restrain followers who are under control of the Ares Plan realized.

After Ares's death

After Kratos is betrayed by Zeus and robbed by his divine power, Kratos is saved by Earth Gaia Titanesata, who tells him that the Sisters of Fate have the power to help him on time, return to prevent his betrayal and stand up against Zeus on. The creation island of Kratos was known to a space like the Garden of the Gods, which had the status of Ares, where he was called "the god of war who died." Kratos, having many challenges, the Sisters finally reached the temple destined to arrive at the place where he met one of the Lakeysis nurses. He told Kratos that no one could change his destiny and start fighting with him. While Kratos injured Lachkessis, he canceled his sister Atropos. Atropos quickly grabs Kratos and takes him to the mirror and returns him the day Ares rises and kills. He threw Kratos Blade of the Gods, which he used to kill Ares into a new and great war god. Then he tried to change his past by destroying his sword. With the blade missing, Ares will win. To maintain his existence, Kratos defended the sword in battle with Atropos, finally defeating him, securing his past and closing it in the mirror.

Second Titanomahiah

god of war

•  As he stands on Gaia's arm against the Hippocampus, Kratos walks down the road leading to a room, the Tomb of Ares, which contains the corpses of large Ares hidden in ice. Kratos fought with the first Centaur in the game.

•  Even though he died, Ares played a small role in the third match, such as Athina, Hephaestus, Hera, Cronos, Zeus and Kratos, and also appeared in lightning scenes. There was also a large mural of Ares at the Flame Chamber, showing him that he had his own sword. This painting is right next to his mother's painting, Hera. Ares's voice is heard when Kratos is in his soul.

•  With Zeus's death and the rapid destruction of the world, Ares's plan for Kratos to overthrow the Olympian and Olympus gods was fully realized, if not as he had hoped.

•   Ares is one of the mentors of God of War: The Multiplayer of the Ascension and the only mentor who is not the son of Krono. The statue is the first in Olympus Rotunda.


"With the power of the god of war, Ares is a warrior, who will call a few 'glass cannons.' The best traders damage the game, but at least are resistant to damage. , making them more vicious themselves, allowing them to continue to burn and enemy even after hurting the attack.

• Ares soldier can destroy enemies in seconds, but must pay attention to incoming attacks. Servants of the god of war alone can survive in the treasure of the enemy doing the best class exams of the gods.

•  soldier

Dominant physical strength.

•  fire magic

Time defects and prohibitions on enemy defense.

•  Ares article

Improved close range.

•  Ares weapon

Handle bonuses and burn enemies from time to time in special attacks.

• Ares Armor

Focus on increasing physical strength.

•  Ares symbol

Copies, helmets, dogs, vultures and burning torches.

•  Strength and ability

Because of the original god of war, Ares has a large storehouse of human abilities and magic - all in terms of battle and war, as well as its influence. As the prince and son of Zeus, his strength was far stronger than the lower gods.

•  Dimensokinesa: Ares has succeeded in creating a pocket universe that can be fully controlled. Ares demonstrated this in his fight with Kratos, where he grabbed his head, who was forced to defend his family for Ares, still killed him and almost discouraged him. The Pocket Universe seemed to be Kratos's head when he returned his large body, knelt down when Ares appeared behind him and was ready to hit him.

•  Enhanced Emotions: Ares could feel Kratos pulling out a Pandora's box as he moved away from abandoned and abandoned souls.

•  Immortality: As God, Ares is naturally eternal; still aging beyond its beginnings, nor giving up on deadly weaknesses, such as illness or impotence in any form. He cannot be killed with earth weapons; only divine strength and weapons because of hope, blades of gods and other eternal beings, such as Titan who could kill him.

•  Human Strength: As the god of war and eldest son of Zeus, Ares, the extraordinary divine power capable of destroying buildings, without efforts to shake the ground, must compete with Kratos after being reinforced by Pandora's box with equal requirements.

•  Superhuman Durability: Ares has extraordinary endurance as a god of war. During the battle with Kratos, he bore a lot of punishment from him, including his own Hammer projection, which only made him more angry. Ares also pointed out that it was very resistant even to divine weapons such as Blade of the Gods, although in the end the weapon was killed.

•  Strength: Ares manages to give Warriors a choice of various abilities and weapons, a joint strength among the gods. He gave Kratos the original blade - Blade of Chaos. This also includes the Izkupleniya warriors, if he decides to follow him, the greatest attack power, and the ability to fire firearms to control the enemy.

•  Pyroquin: Ares can manipulate fire in all possible ways. Ares managed to put it in his gun, threw a fireball from his hand, and lit people as he pleased. Ares often uses this ability to kill those who reject him. Ares also uses it aesthetically because the hair and hair on his face are made of fire.

•  Astral Projection: After the Spartans killed his family, Ares managed to project himself through fire to communicate with Kratos.

•  Shapeshift: As an Olympian, Ares can change his appearance at will. He did it at a lower level when his hair changes changed between God of War: Ascension and God of War.

•  Resize: Ares manages to change its size and often raises it to Titanic proportions, as he did during the Battle of Athens.

•  Transformation: Ares manages to pull a large bulge, a spidery from his back that can be used in a battle to hit and penetrate his enemies. Based on the fact that his statue carries this "nail" to God of War: Ascension, it is understood that this is a characteristic of the trademark of a military god.

• Telepathy: Ares managed to talk to people through their minds without physically influencing their goals. He could even do this after he made the size of his bag because he used it for Kratos's psychic ridicule.

•  Telekinesis: Ares managed to move objects and people with his mind and make them broad. Using the ability to tear Kratos's blade out of chaos, Ares lifts people in the air during a battle with barbarians, destroying them in two.

•  Teleportation: During his fight against Kratos, Ares managed to teleport quickly through the area.

• Geokinesis: Ares sometimes invokes a large volcanic rock structure to try to cause damage to Kratos.

•  Military Options: Ares is a manifestation of war and is able to draw troops from war. Combined with his other abilities, Ares managed to destroy large forces with little or no effort. When he died, Ares's body exploded like a nuclear bomb.

•  Making Weapons: During his last fight against Kratos, Ares has proven his ability to make various weapons such as large military hammers, axes and swords, all of which were fired.

• Shooting Skill Enhancement: As a god, he has a higher level of shooting because he is able to throw large columns from Athens to the Pandora Temple deep in the wilderness of lost souls to kill Kratos.

• Personality

As a god of war, violence and bloodshed, Ares is cruel, sadistic, and cruel, as evidenced by his concern for the spread of chaos and conflict throughout the world. According to Zeus, Ares was only happy when he destroyed the city and country. Ares was also very greedy and very hungry, because he showed his desire to destroy his father, to be able to replace him as the new king of the gods and rulers of Olympus. However, all of his efforts to delete Zeus failed. He was even so arrogant that he openly begged Zeus and questioned his government.

•  Ares also believes that family love is a weakness which can be seen from the fact that he made Kratos kill his family because he believed that they prevented his servant from becoming a great soldier, only in a difficult way to learn should he be careful when he arrived at what he wanted when he killed by his former servant. This shows that Ares was never in his home race who was very interested in how to trust his father Zeus and refused to kill his son Orkos failed to meet Ares' expectations. His relationship with his mother Hera and his brother Hephaestus is unknown, because he was not proven to hate them.

• Ares was jealous of his sister Athena because he was liked by Zeus and always tried to prove that he was superior to him in several ways, such as in creating an ideal soldier. In the end, his hatred and jealousy towards his sister caused him to destroy the holy city of Athens. but he was stopped and killed by Kratos with the support of Athens himself.

• appearance

Ares appears as a giant god warrior. He wore a brown tunic, sleeveless shoulders with an innate wolf, which had been embedded in the bracelet and shoe chain. His boots kneel. He has long hair and a beard that seems to be made of fire.

• Zeus

Unlike most other gods, Ares ignores Zeus's orders and is not afraid of Zeus's anger, so he repeatedly raises his father when he taunts him, sending him a "broken death" rather than struggling to confront Ares himself.

• Athena

Ares has a deep hatred of his rejected sister, even if they live on Olympus. Ares considered Athens weak and always tried to prove that he was superior to the goddess of war or attack on every occasion, such as in the city of Kratos which ruled against villages and cities which were sacred goddesses. Ares is jealous of the respect and respect Athena received from the gods and other humans while he hates and hates.

• Kratos

Even on the days when Kratos was still a servant, Ares considered him a "perfect warrior", perhaps because they had the same anger, hatred, and love for bloodshed. Unlike Ares, however, Kratos still loves and cares for his family. Emotions that are considered gods of war are considered weak. After leaving Kratos Ares, the god God Kratos began to hate, they only thought "destroyed mortally" worthless and said it was weak like the first day that the Ares Spartan asked to save his life.

 • Ares was spoken by Steven Bloom in "God of War" and "God of War: Ascension" and Fred Tatasiore in "God of War III". Interestingly, he has the same voice (Steven Blum) with Lucifer from Dante's Inferno Cartoon, a game that has many game mechanisms and themes.

 • Ares's appearance has changed dramatically during the evolution of the god of war. David Jaffe originally intended that God would appear as "ninety percent energy and ten percent material," but because of the limited power of PS2, Ares's appearance gradually appeared in the soldier released in the final product.

 • Ares also appears as the main challenger at the end of Spartan: Total Warrior, a game that has many similarities with God of War.
As killed by Kratos, Ares may not have the opportunity to be influenced by the evil Pandora's Box, because it will not show signs of evil contained in the box. That was why Ares's threat to Olympus's attack and his bloodthirsty method had become part of his character.

 • Ares is technically responsible for the appearance of the Kratos standard (except for the last hull label). It attacked Kratos when he was young, gave him a scar on his right eye, and then took Deimos, so Kratos thought his brother was dead, and he tattooed Deimos in the same way as generic pressure. He also asked Kratos to kill his own family, forcing his ashes to stick to his skin. He even gives Kratos a scar on his wrist as he attaches a chain of chaos to himself.

•  It is unknown why, although it was the enemy of Kratos, the illusion that he was used by God Gaia in the Second War, to encourage Kratos to fight and rise again after his death in the hands of Zeus.

•  After a secret message at the end of the soul, Dewa Ares Krieges was locked in a small room in the throne room of Kratos and was forever disturbed by unknown forces.

•  Ares's human avatar can only be seen in Sparta's mind, in a flashback that shows him that he has taken Deimos and wiped Kratos.

•  Ares is one of the mentors of God of War: Multiplayer Ascension. This made him the only mentor who was not the son of Krono but his grandson.

•  Ares finished 55th in the Top 100 of the IGN video game.
Ares is the only god in the series who has the ability to draw spider legs from his back. It is not clear whether there are other Olympians with such abilities or whether there are only Ares. Megaera, one of the fury, has heroin's legs rising from behind: their appearance is very similar, even though insects are more similar, compared to Ares - but they burn and they really seem to be part of their physiology.

•  Based on Ares' appearance on "God of War: Ascension," his ability to breed spiders is no secret to the champions of Ares. In other words, Kratos will know that Ares has this ability, as indicated by Kratos's lack of surprise. Legs are usually a surprise to play.

•  Champion Ares has a natural affinity for fire and gets energy from the battle, as shown by the trailer of Ares in the climb.

•  In God of War: Ascension, Ares sees shorter hair and a shorter beard than in other games. The reason for the change is still unknown.
Most likely, however, Ares, like other gods, can change his appearance, which is appropriate for him.

•  Because the appearance of Ares in Ascension is shown retrospectively, perhaps Ares's appearance before the birth of Kratos or when the game took place ten years before the original game.
Ares was technically responsible for the events of the Greek match in the series: By tricking Kratos into killing his family, he placed him on the road which would lead to the destruction of Olympus.

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