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Alpha testing pro 2019

alpha testing

What is alpha test?

Alpha tests are defined as a type of software test performed to identify errors before a product is released to real or public users. It's a kind of acceptance test.
This test is called an alpha test because it is done earlier, towards the end of software development and before the beta test. 
The main purpose of alpha testing is to improve software products by finding (and fixing) bugs that were not recognized in previous tests.
Alpha tests are usually carried out by internal software engineers or quality assurance officers. This is the final testing phase before the software is released into the real world.Who is involved in alpha testing?

The alpha test consists of two phases:

1.The first test phase will be carried out by internal developers. They use a hardware-backed debugger or debugger software. The aim is to detect errors quickly. During alpha testing, the tester usually finds many errors, crashes, missing functions, and documents.

2.The second phase of alpha testing is carried out by QA staff members for additional testing in one environment. It contains a black box and a blackboard.

The alpha test can therefore be presented as an online application that is not yet fully operational, but is open to initial feedback.

Example of alpha test

As a rule, alpha tests are carried out in the test lab in a separate system. Using this technique, the project manager works with the developer to set specific goals for alpha testing and integrate the results into the development of the project plan.

Because alpha testing is done on prototypes, in-depth reliability testing, installation testing and documentation testing can be ignored.

A good alpha test must include a well-defined test plan with detailed tests. Some activities related to alpha testing include registry errors, debugging, retesting, repetition, and more.

Although alpha testing is not fully functional, the quality assurance team must ensure that all available functions are fully tested, especially those that need to be sent to customers.

For best practice, the quality assurance team must collect all additional information in a timely manner, such as:It is also recommended to include all test details in the customer's e-mail so that customers understand the current status of the software.

How do you make an alpha test?

•Check project specifications and functional requirements

•Development of comprehensive and test plan
•Run the test plan
•Go to defect
•Try it soon after the problem is resolved

Advantages of alpha testing

•A better idea about the reliability of software at an early stage
•Share your team with other projects
•Shorten delivery times on the market
•Initial feedback helps improve software quality


•In software development, Alpha Testing is an early version of software products
•The purpose of alpha testing is to involve customers in the development process
•A good alpha test must include a defined test plan with a detailed test case
•This provides a better idea of ​​the reliability of the software at an early stage

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